Chicas has combined warm, southern hospitality with years of experience and family ownership, providing  each and every bride with the exceptional service that she deserves. Chicas bridal is more like a boutique where well-known designers are showcased while meeting every budget.  We are very fashion forward in buying for the boutique and introduce unique ideas to each bride from very simple to the more elaborate.
Our Bridal Lines


Your wedding gown is one of the most important aspect in  planning your wedding.   Although the internet is a great place for ideas, we strongly believe it is NOT the place for you to find your perfect gown.  We invite you to come and allow our professionally trained staff to help you choose the gown that is most suitable for YOUR body type and YOUR budget.  

Appointments are not necessary but strongly encouraged.  Just call ahead, and we will be waiting on you.   

2206-D Dawson Rd Albany, GA